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How To Fade Acne Scars With Make Up!

By: Brad Davenport

Have you had success covering your acne scars with makeup? No one likes to have visible acne scars on their faces. For some, acne scars can actually get in the way of their daily life. While there are a variety of treatments for acne scarring available, you can also reduce their appearance by using make up. So, what makeup do you need to cover acne scars? Some of the best makeup tips are listed below.


Among the various makeup options that you can choose from to cover your acne scars, one of the best strategies is to use concealers. A concealer should be applied after foundation in order to prevent discolorations from becoming visible. Be sure to select a concealer that is the best match for your individual skin tone. Apply around the areas that contain acne scars to reduce their overall appearance.


Foundation is applied over your entire face in a thin layer. In order to create the best overall appearance, work with a makeup professional to ensure that you have a solid color match. Foundation is one of the best kinds of makeup to cover acne scars. Blot onto the skin with a sponge in order to get the best coverage without discoloration.


Highlighting with makeup to cover acne scars involves using a light, often shiny powder to certain parts of your face. The goal is to provide focus points, drawing attention to positive features and away from features that you are looking to conceal. The best places to apply highlights to your skin to conceal acne scars are in the inside portion of your eyelid, right under your eyebrow and then at the top portion of your cheekbones.

Accenting your Top Facial Features

When looking to minimize the appearance of scars on your face with makeup, another one of the available options that works is to accentuate your top facial features. For example, if you have great lips, wear a bold lipstick. If you have captivating eyes, use eyeliners and eye shadows to accentuate those features. By drawing attention to specific features, you are keeping attention from being directed to the areas that include acne scars.

Makeup is not intended for removing acne scars, but can be a great option for reducing their appearance. To learn how to use the above techniques in the best way for your skin and facial features, talk with a makeup professional.

Acne Prevention, Lifestyle and Diet!

There are several things that you might term as a homemade remedy, that you can try to clear up your scarring. While these methods will not be effective in removing acne scars, they are often successful at improving the overall appearance of the skin. For some simple things to apply topically to the skin, consider fresh cucumbers, lemon juice or tomato juice. Each of these natural topical applications will improve the natural glow that the skin gives off. You can also consider tea tree oil, a proven acne preventative and an antibacterial agent.

In addition to applying these solutions topically, it is important to eat a diet full of antioxidants. There are a variety of fruits and vegetables that have high antioxidant concentrations. Antioxidants work to reduce free radical damage to the skin, improving the overall appearance. Also, drink at least 8 10 glasses of water to ensure that your skin is hydrated. Water is crucial for creating a healthy skin appearance.

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