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Natural Treatment For Acne Nodular

By: Irsan Komarga

Acne nodules are irregular, dome shaped solid lesions forming on the skin, more particularly on the facial area. Nodules are inflammations that may extend deep into the skin s layers. Nodular acne can cause destruction of skin tissues and may lead to scarring. These nodules are very painful. Severe types may not even respond to natural therapies. In certain cases, doctors recommend the use of Accutane. However, it is still best to try natural treatments for nodular acne before embarking on any other type of chemical solutions.

But whatever treatment procedure you may want to perform on acnes, it is never advisable that you pop or squeeze it. Doing so may cause further injuries to your skin and would cause longer healing time. This is also the most common reason why permanent scarring happens.

The causes of nodular acne are:

  1. Unbalanced hormone level

When a person enters the adolescent stage, his or her hormone s balance gets affected the most. This is the reason why teenagers are the ones most commonly affected by acnes. Women having their menstruation period are most likely to have acne flare ups as well. However, different things happen during pregnancy, as a woman s hormones tend to normalize. During this time, women experience rare occurrence of acne.

  1. Use of Birth Control Pills

Using birth control pills doesn t directly affect acne. However, when you try to stop taking them, that s when the problem starts.

  1. Stress

Stress triggers the production of cortisol. Cortisol is a body substance that can worsen acne breakouts. Stress also affects the levels of the hormones inside the body. It can disrupt their balance, thereby causing acne formation.

  1. Heavy and oily make ups Heavy make ups and foundations can clog your pores. Oily make ups, on the other hand, add up to the oil content of the face. Oil is the breeding ground of acne. So if you re at risk of developing these skin imperfections, avoid continued use of these types of cosmetics.

  2. Drugs

Certain drugs, more particularly lithium, can trigger acne. It can also further worsen the condition of your skin.

  1. Wrong Diet

Diet plays a crucial role in acne therapies. A high sugar and carbohydrate diet can only make the condition worse. If you are prone to acne, better stay away from foods rich in sugar and carbohydrates.

  1. Over Abrasive Cleansing

You have to stay clear of harsh skin exfoliants if you want to keep acnes from forming your face. Certain compounds can cause allergic reactions to sensitive skin. Be sure to try the product first at the back of your ear before applying it onto your face.

  1. Squeezing and picking acnes

Individuals who like to prick, squeeze, and pick their acne are most likely to experience flare outs. These bad practices can make the infections on the surface to penetrate deeper into the skin, thereby worsening the condition.

  1. The Environment

Pollution and high humidity can cause acne. High humidity leads to sweating. Pollution can clog skin pores and is also bad for your health.

  1. Heredity

Heredity is also a risk factor to acne. Both nodular acne and cystic acne are believed to be hereditary in nature.

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