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How to Get Rid of Pimples?

By: Garen Arnold

If you have a mild outbreak of acne and need to know how to get rid of pimples, you can get rid of them in short time by keeping your skin clean and increasing your intake of water. But, learning how to get rid of pimples and keeping your face permanently free of pimples are two different things.

If you have a pimple or two right now and just want to get rid of the problem quickly, then stop wearing make up first off, because it will clog the pores and can keep bacteria that causes the pimples in your skin. It can also irritate the skin, making your pimple worse. Some water based make up can be okay if you can not go bare faced.

You do not want to pop the pimple. Even if it is in a very noticeable part of the body, popping it will make it even more noticeable as it turns red and could leak or bleed. Popping can also scar the area and spread the bacteria so that you get more pimples in surrounding areas. If you do pop a pimple regardless, make sure to immediately wash with a mild detergent, or even rubbing alcohol if you have that on hand.

If you want to learn how to get rid of pimples, then you need to learn how to effectively keep your face clean of bacteria. It really does not matter the soap is made for acne problems or is just a regular mild soap, but anything with harsh chemicals can irritate or dry out the skin and make your pimple problem even worse.

You can add benzoyl peroxide if you have just one or two pimples to get rid of, but you may need a light, water based moisturizer as well so your skin does not dry out.

How to get rid of a pimple in the short term really is a matter of keeping your pores clear and clean so the bacteria can get out. If you want to keep your face clear of pimples in the long run you need to worry more about the inside of your body than the surface skin.

To keep your skin clear of pimples, you need to keep your body clear of toxins and bacteria. Acne is actually an outward manifestation of what is occurring inside your body. If things are out of whack and bacteria are taking over, it may very well appear on your skin.

So how do you get rid of pimples for good?

You need to watch two main components of overall body health: water and food.

Most people do not realize that even the skin can be affected by daily nutrition choices, but it can! Make sure you take in a lot of water because it is the best, most natural way to keep your body free of toxins. There is some research linking acne to some foods, such as sugary sweets and white bread. Improving your diet will keep your entire body functioning at its best and can reduce your risk of future pimple outbreaks.

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