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What Are The Main Causes Of Acne And Pimples?

By: Stacey Reid

There are many types of skin problems that affect people around the world but the most common is acne and while it may seem to be a teenage condition, it would be a mistake to believe that adults cannot suffer with it as well. Although it is most common in teenagers it can still affect anyone and with almost nine out of every ten people having to deal with it at some point it is probably the prevalent condition on the planet.

The main causes of acne and pimples begin with the sebaceous glands in the skin. Sebaceous glands produce oil called sebum which in excess clogs up the hair follicles. Another skin clogger is dry and flaking skin particularly from the residue of past acne medications. The majority of acne medications severely dry out the skin causing flaking. The skin flaking that is produced along with excessive sebum clog up the hair follicles leading to irritation. This combination is the main causes of acne and pimples.

Cosmetics, pollution, and hormonal adjustments are also causes of acne and pimples. Women in particular do not do a good job of cleaning all the makeup residue off their face. Pollution is always around us and there is not much we can do except to protect our skin by using sunscreen and other skin protectant products. Hormonal adjustments that teenagers go through really cannot be avoided either. It is a phase we all must go through but there are simple measures teens can consider that may help during this transition. Teens really should watch what they eat. Junk food and reprocessed food consumption are causes of acne and pimples.

For a recurring or severe case of acne, many sufferers turn to a dermatologist for a more aggressive treatment and in most cases, a prescribed routine and medication can help to treat acne. When medication is prescribed, normally the doctor involved will want to see the patient to ensure the acne is clearing according to plan and decide whether to use more extreme methods.

Anyone suffering with acne must remember not to scratch at or attempt to remove pimples as any bacteria carried beneath the nails could cause further infection. We do not realize how our hands and nails are major carriers of germs. We unconsciously touch our face with our hands and fingers too much. This is a simple yet practical habit that has to be broken to prevent further acne breakouts.

With ninety percent of people having acne at some stage in their life it is easy to see people with perfect skin are rare and current studies are now indicating that acne may well be hereditary. The most likely scenario is that you will contact acne while you are young probably around puberty.

While opinions vary on the subject, it cannot hurt to contact a dermatologist if you are having a problem with acne or other skin complaint. It is important that you have your doctor explain to you the causes of acne and pimples so you will be able to know what to avoid.

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