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ADD and ADHD – Know Them, Their Differences and How to Treat?

Attention deficit disorder is known to be a coherent behavior that includes carelessness, hyperactivity and in some of the cases a mishmash of both.Typical behavioral changes is seen in attention deficit disorder in which sufferers feel carelessness and hyperactivity. In many cases mixture of both are seen.Major disorder named attention deficit disorder is famous for auguring illogical behavioral changes like carelessness and hyperactivity. In many cases both cases are intermingled.

We often wonder, as to what is the cause behind the happening of attention deficit disorder. But unfortunately there is no simple answer that can tell as what exactly plays the role of causing this exasperating and complex sickness. However various debates put forward some issues like food reaction, parental shortcomings, or even neurological deficiencies to be the reasons for the cause. Nevertheless, with the help of prolonged research scientists have been able to produce some answer to this question. So the answer to the question ‘ what does cause ADD?’ is supposed to be genetic and neurological in character. Most of the time it has been seen that families with the history of attention deficit disorder cases are more likely to have progeny likely to suffer from ADD.Our concerns are many hence we worry about reasons behind the occurrence of attention deficit disorder but still no satisfactory answer is sought. Reasons playing crucial role in creating complexities in sickness have not been revealed yet. Debaters however conclude that there are numerous factors involved in it out of which food reactions, parental shortcomings, and in some cases neurological deficiencies are considered major reasons. Continuous research by scientists has however resulted into bringing out various clues and a bit of general answer to this important question. That is why answering the question ‘what does cause ADD?’ must be taken in genetic or neurological terms. The possibility to suffer from ADD is more prevalent in such cases where families had had the history of some sort of attention deficit disorder.Most often we wonder to find out probable reasons behind the occurrence of attention deficit disorder. Although there is still no genuine answer of it but different assessments are made and we conclude about the factors that cause such infuriating and highly complex health problem. Researchers keep debating about the possible reasons, and they zero upon food reactions, parental shortcomings and neurological deficiencies etc as most possible reasons of this disorder. Many scientists have achieved success in this regard after having been researched for so long to find out a suitable response of this crucial question hence the ideal reply to this question ‘what does cause ADD?’ would be both genetic and neurological causes. Usually the cases of attention deficit disorder are more prevalent in those cases where families have history of ADD in their forefathers.

Following symptoms will help to identify the presence of ADD in an individual.

•Problem in remaining seated

•Problem in group activities

•Problem in following instructions

•Problem in having a sustained attention in any task

•Excesses talking

•Habit of interrupting others in their work

•Habit of not listening to what has been said to

•Habit of forgetting things

•Habit of getting distracted very easily

•Habit of doing things that might be harmful and dangerous to them.

•Habit of leaving a task unfinished

•Very often tends to experience and do something restless.

A scientific research has proved that that diet plays a very important part in reducing ADD symptoms. Individual suffering from attention deficit disorder should keep the following points in mind while choosing their diet.

•Should keep away from processed food

•Should stay away from fast food

•Should intake a diet having almost 90 less sugar

•Should say no to caffeine

•Should avoid intake of foods having additives

•High intake of proteins and Omega 3

US countries, European countries and even other parts of the globe have long been suffering from attention deficit disorder. And it has been noticed that the disease attacks 3 to 5 of children in these countries. The ailment however can be brought under control with the help of proper treatment. The most common type of treatment for ADD largely involves medication. Stimulants are used in this respect. Some of the stimulants used in the process are Ritalin, Adderall, Dexedrine, Dextrostat Wellbutrin, and the likes. However these drugs have been reported to have side effects.Attention deficit disorder has become a common phenomenon in the US and European countries. The sufferers are growing in other parts of the world as well. Nearly 3 to 5 children of these countries are the victims of this disease. When proper treatment is done this ailment is controlled easily and effectively. Involving medicine in the treatment procedure is considered most common ADD treatment. At times stimulants are also applied. Ritalin, Adderall, Dexedrine and Dextrostat Wellbutrin etc are the commonest stimulants for this purpose. But some side effects are also involved with these medicines.The countries such as US and European countries and many other parts of the globe are major sufferers of attention deficit disorder where at least 3 to 5 children are the possible victims of such attacks. This disease can be brought under control through applying reasonable treatments. Medication is the major option of treatment for ADD. Some stimulants are also applied to keep this disorder under control. Commonest form of stimulants used to treat this disorder is Ritalin, Adderall, Dexedrine and Dextrostat Wellbutrin amongst others. These medicines however also invite many side effects.

There is an alternative remedy to this. Homeopathic treatment can also prove to be effective. But the drawback associated with homeopathic treatment is that results are not immediate and need to follow on a long term basis.Alternative treatment options are also available for this purpose. In alternative treatment homeopathy has proved valuable but this treatment has one drawback too. Its results are too slow and require passionate long term treatment procedure.In alternative treatment options homeopathic treatment is much in the trend. Its results are excellent but it has a shortcoming as well. Homeopathic treatment has long run process and its result is too slow though it is extremely beneficial.

We often come across the term ADHD or Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder that are associated with ADD or attention deficit disorder. What exactly is the difference between the two? Technically speaking, ADHD is the word used in the recent diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders, while ADD is an alder term. Basically there is not much distinction between the two. Theoretically ADD is ADHD and vice versa.Most of us encounters ADHD or Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder which is linked with ADD or attention deficit disorder symptom. We are not aware of their differences though. Actually ADHD is applied in modern treatments and is geometric terminology of mental disorder. ADD is its traditional version and there is no difference at all in ADD and ADHD. But still they must be understood critically.ADHD or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is the term which we usually come across with. It is very much linked with attention deficit disorder or ADD and we should know basic difference between them. Technically ADHD is nothing but an advanced version of diagnostic procedure of older terminology ADD which is defined to specify mental disorder. In fact there is no difference between ADD and ADHD hence they are mostly used as vice versa for each other.

However certain points are specific to ADD and ADHD. It is said that the main symptoms of ADHD are hyperactivity and/or impulsivity whereas ADD is said to have inattention as its main symptoms.There are particular points associated with ADD and ADHD though. Symptomatic differences vary between ADHD and ADD. Hyperactivity and impulsivity are associated with ADHD and inattention is the major symptom of ADD.Do note that specific symptoms are associated with ADD and ADHD. The major ADHD include hyperactivity and impulsivity but in ADD inattention is cited main symptomatic aspect of this special disorder.

Instead of worrying about any sickness, try to understand them and consult your general practitioner and abide by his or her instructions. ADD or ADHD is just like any other disease that can be cured. So keep a watch to the symptoms and you can easily get away with it if you treat it on time and in right way.Take proper guideline of doctor by consulting him/her and follow guidelines suggested to you instead of worrying unnecessary about the sickness. ADD or ADHD is a disease like other curable diseases which you should treat timely. Focus upon timely watch over such symptoms and follow appropriate solution which should prove easy for you. Timely treatment helps you remain stress free.Don’t worry much about your sickness. Take it easy and consult expert doctors and follow the suggested instructions. Do note that ADD or ADHD is a disease like other diseases hence doesn’t panic about them. This disease is curable but you should have keen observation and know symptoms at right time. It is an easy affair to treat them.

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