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Autism news, articles and information:

Why is Diet Important Among Individuals With Autism?
there are several ways to handle the situation of children with autism there are also man supplements and treatments that can help autistic children deal with the symptoms they more

What Are the Early Signs of Autism?
like most personal developmental disorders, autism is quite an unfortunate ailment to affect anyone, and statistically speaking, children are the largest targets of this brain developmental disorder last year, more than 50, 000 children were diagnosed with autism (known statistic), with the majority of them displaying signs of he ailment before they were three years more

Autism Symptoms in Attention Deficit Children
this is an education on the autism symptoms in attention deficit children it is important to know because early intervention by spotting the common symptoms will mean the difference between normalcy in life and a stunted social more

Recognizing the Warning Signs of Autism
How can you tell if your child has autism This is a question that has perhaps puzzled many parents, especially those with children showing unusual red flags pointing to more

How To Recognise Asperger's Syndrome
one of the more common developmental disorders out there is aspergerís syndrome, and a good percentage of your people, within the medical ranges of mental diseases, do suffer from varying degrees of the mental disease, and this is what we really need to look at then thinking about the various means that they are able to recognise and identify just what they child is actually afflicted more

5 Signs of Autism Toddlers
for parents, it is crucial to recognize as early as possible the early signs of autism toddlers are children that have reached the age of 12 to 18 months or during the period they have started more

A Brief Overlook At The Role Occupational Therapy Plays In The Treatment Of Children With Autism
The subcategory of Rehabilitative Medicine known as Occupational Therapy is extremely relevant in helping to evaluate, and treat, children with autism for several reasons the first one being its overall approach to treatment, in general: Occupational therapy takes a somewhat different approach in treating patients in that it uses both the educational, and philosophical, when working with an more

ABA Helps With Behavior Management
whenever you have a child with autism spectrum disorder, learning how to teach them proper behaviors is like a job unto itself. while most children learn from scolding and verbal cues, children with asd often have a hard time understanding lessons taught verbally and more intensive training methods are often more

Signs Of Autism And Other Information On Autism 101
autism spectrum disorder is a condition that plagues 1 out of 100 children. if you are a parent who wishes to know more information on autism, specifically autism in children, and, what the common signs of autism are, keep on more

Treatments For Autism: Recommendations On How To Cure Autism
People with autism surely need help for them to be able to live normally. If you have an autistic child and you wish to know how to cure autism, read this piece as it discusses common treatments for autism and what you can do to help your more

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