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What Are the Early Signs of Autism?

Like most personal developmental disorders, autism is quite an unfortunate ailment to affect anyone, and statistically speaking, children are the largest targets of this brain developmental disorder. Last year, more than 50, 000 children were diagnosed with autism (known statistic), with the majority of them displaying signs of he ailment before they were three years ago. What is autism and what are the early signs? This article will discuss the many earmarks of this disorder and how you as a parent can spot the signs early and send your child for treatment as soon as possible.

Autism, by medicine’s description, is an ailment which affects a child’s social communication and interaction capabilities, and its roots have been traced to the genetic make up of the child and the preceding progenitors (parents.) While these are one of the main causes of autism in children, there are other ways for a child to contract this brain developmental disorder. One of the ways is through the use of agents that cause birth defects, and when pregnant mothers abuse substances or ingest chemicals, they risk the child within the womb – exposing them to the possibility of contracting autism. There is still not enough literature in the halls of science and medicine to fully explain how autism works and how it really affects the brain, but it is known that many parts of the brain are affected when a child has this developmental disorder.

For now, there is no known cure for this ailment, but it is heartening to know that many autistic children have become self reliant and successful in life. As a parent, there are a few warning bells you should look out for when determining if your child has autism. Autism mainly affects their communication and social interaction, so if they shy away from social situations, keep quiet for long periods of time, are unable to communicate effectively as a normal child would, have restricted interests and even display repetitive behaviour, then you should seek the help of a mental professional. Other symptoms can be unexplained out burst, unusual behaviour, fixation on a certain object or activity or atypical eating. While these are more secondary symptoms to the initial few, they can possibly be earmarks of autism as well.

It is all about early intervention when it comes to autism, so do not be afraid to seek the advice of a child psychologist or professional specialist when you do suspect that your child may be a victim of autism. If you do spot the early signs of autism in your child, decreased interaction and communication, then send him for an evaluation, Early therapy with a child psychologist is an excellent way to curb some of the symptoms and instil self reliance in the children. The social development of an autistic child is extremely important to ensure that they go through life as normally as possible, being part of society and not feeling like an outcast.

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