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Why is Diet Important Among Individuals With Autism?

There are several ways to handle the situation of children with autism. There are also man supplements and treatments that can help autistic children deal with the symptoms they experience. For instance, the intake of nutritional supplements is known to be an effective and practical way to treat the said disorder. It also works both ways: if the theories of many experts that those nutritional supplements can indeed treat autism are not true, then at least the individuals with autism are getting helpful substances that have known and approved medicinal functions.

In any case, one of the more commonly used treatments on autistic children is the use of special diets. Needless to say, diet is an important consideration in the lives of autistic children, for many reasons. If this aspect of their lives is neglected, parents can easily see the difference. So indeed, why is diet important in the lives of autistic children?

For one, the digestive tract of an autistic child is not necessarily the most functional. After all, it is a well known fact that the gut flora of a autistic child is infested by millions of bacteria. Of course, bacteria are normal in the gut of every living person. However, in the case of children with autism, the bacteria living in their gut is not balanced. This leads to the often malfunctioning of their digestive system.

Now, what does this got to do with anything? Simple: proper diet can help an autistic child deal with his malfunctioning digestive tract. This works in two ways: first, a proper diet will provide the child with the proper nutrition it needs. Since their digestive system is not fully working, it needs to eat the food substances that can give them the optimum nutritional value.

Another reason why diet is important is due to free radicals. Free radicals are substances that are acquired from food. When digested, free radicals are excreted. And some of these substances are acquired from very common food products. For instance, casein and gluten can produce some of the most hazardous chemicals that can stay in the body due to the fact that the child cannot entirely digest.One of the special diets autistic children follow is a diet without these substances. Naturally, by removing casein and gluten in one’s diet, one can avoid free radicals and other harmful chemicals produced by these food products. Many companies offer gluten and casein substitutes. Casein can be found in wheat, while gluten is found in dairy products—obviously, these are very common food items. Therefore, besides eliminating these from one’s usual diet, it is also possible to replace them with GFCF food products so the child with autism will notice the difference in his or her diet.

Another reason why diet is important? The lack of antioxidants in their body. Free radicals is one thing, the ability to remove them is another. Free radicals can be cancelled out by antioxidants. Unfortunately, an autistic child does not produce enough natural antioxidants and has very low levels of antioxidants. Therefore, one’s diet should facilitate this deficiency,

Needless to say, proper diet is important for autistic children because it can help compensate for whatever it is that they have lacking, as cited in the numerous example above. After all, proper diet is essential autism or no autism.

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Janice Duryea Nutritionist

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