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How To Deal With Lower Back Pain

More than 80% of people might have suffered from a lower back pain at least once in their life. Although it is a common health issue, different individuals experience different stages of the condition. Most acute stages can be treated by simple methods. Your negligence might lead to more complex chronic stages. Having a good understanding of the problem might help you to avoid this life disrupting health issue.

The back of a human is anatomically divided in to two main regions. The upper section starts from the junction of the shoulders and neck and stretches three quarters of the body. The rest up to the tailbone belongs to the lower section. The pain is of course not an illness of this anatomical region, but is a signal or warning that some thing is going wrong. Most causative factors are associated with our life style.

Some of our activities can over stretch or sprain the muscles and tissues of this area. If the ligaments are damaged you will feel enormous discomfort when the muscles are working. There are cartilage discs in between vertebrae to prevent friction. These cartilages may deteriorate with age resulting painful friction between vertebrae. Therefore, people of older ages are more susceptible to this condition. Apart from these factors there are many other causes. These can be inflammatory conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, bone infections such as osteomyelitis, metabolic problems such as osteoporosis or even cancer.

Dealing with chronic stages is some what difficult. Nerve repairs, spinal surgeries and decompression therapies are necessary at these stages. Most chronic stages are better dealt with using several different treatment methods. Acute conditions can be easily treated with both medical and non medical methods. Medical methods mostly involve the use of non- steroidal anti inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS), electrical pulses, topical rubbing creams, etc. Various non medical approaches can be used to eliminate the root cause.

Poor posture and misuse of muscles is one of the major causes of the condition. For example, sitting too long with a poor posture can enormously pressurize the muscles and bones of the particular anatomical region. If you have to sit too long, you need to take breaks to stand up and stretch the muscles. The proper posture is also essential when lifting and carrying heavy objects to make sure that these muscles are not over stretched and sprained.

Various exercise routines are essential to strengthen the muscles of the lower part of the back. Strong muscles will help you to maintain a tight upright posture. A good exercise routine will also increase your total fitness and immunity to infections. Activities such as biking, running, walking, playing, etc., are essential to your life. You need to follow an appropriate exercise routine at least 2-3 times per week.

Massaging is an excellent therapy to loosen up tired muscles of this region. You can hire the service of a professional for this or even use a commercially available hand held massager. When it is applied with heat therapy, you can also experience improved blood circulation.

Women must always try to avoid footwear with very high heals. Your need to wear flat shoes of footwear with low heals to take pressure off the legs, feet and the vertebrae. A thorough understanding of these controllable causes of lower back pain will lead to an undisrupted life.

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