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Why Do I Need a Root Canal

There are tiny canals in the chamber of your tooth. When those chambers become infected they must be cleaned out and filled in. If this process is not performed then the nerve and tooth will become infected, this causes excruciating pain and it can damage other teeth. A root canal may also be necessary when your tooth has been broken or injured. If crowns or large fillings are present for long periods sometimes the process will be necessary. The process may be necessary also to prevent the spread of infection or to prepare a tooth for a crown.

There is a diagnostic process that dentists go through to determine if a root canal is necessary. Typically ex-rays are needed so that the dentist can see inside of your tooth. After determining that the nerve of the tooth must be removed, the dentist will prepare you for surgery. You will be given an anesthetic to ensure that you do not experience any discomfort during the procedure. At this point you are ready for surgery.

The first step the dentist will take is to use a rubber dental dam to hold your tooth in place during the drilling process. The rubber dam is keeps you from swallowing or aspirating debris or chemicals. Under most circumstances dental dam does not cause any difficulties. Next your dentist will begin drilling into the chambers of your tooth and she/he will work carefully to remove any pulp (living tissue) along with any infection that is inside of the chamber. If that infection is not removed from the chamber it will lead to an abscess. Once the pulp is removed and an abscess is discovered at the bottom of the chamber that will be removed also. If the abscess is not removed it will lead to serious medical problems. An abscess left unchecked can even cause infection to spread to your heart causing heart failure.

Once all of the infection is cleaned out of the tooth, the tooth is completely dried out. The tooth then it is permanently filled in. This will ensure that further infection and pain does not occur.

Whenever possible, dentists will always attempt to save your tooth. A root canal is one of the best means by which they accomplish this task. Therefore there is no need to fear because a root canal is actually a procedure that will help you in the long term and the pain is only short term.

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