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What Causes Anxiety? Uncover 4 Reasonably Undiscovered Sources Now!

By: Erin Gel

I be you'd love to know what is actually the main underlying cause of anxiety right? Most people and I'm sure you're included really hate to worrry and think about so many heavy issues going on in their lives.

Well, I know that those things I just wrote sounded scary, but those anxiety effects should just compel each of us to know what causes anxiety.

Here are the most common causes of panic and anxiety in people today:

  1. Money: Money (or the lack of it) is the root cause of why people have anxiety attacks today. Think about what it's like to live from paycheck to paycheck, perhaps you're even doing it now. Have you thought about what you'll do if your husband gets really sick or in a car crash and needs expensive medical treatment? What if they break an arm or a leg or even their skull doing something crazy? The search for additional financial resources can therefore cause so much anxiety. An additional scenario would be if you had just started a business and are running out of capital, wouldn't that be a huge cause of anxiety to you?

  2. Health: Our health is our wealth, we all know that. For somebody dealing with a major health issue, this can cause so much stress and anxiety inside a person. A common health ailment can be a major cause of anxiety attacks especially for older persons. Oftentimes having a grave illness can send an elderly person too far overboard and they can start having anxiety attacks very often.

  3. Education: The pressure to always get high marks and good grades is sometimes a big cause in anxiety attacks among students. It's not naturall all the stress we put onto kids these days and sometimes they just can't handle it. Not to mention the rising costs of education that can also put added stress to all the parents of students out there.

  4. Relationships: The very fact that you might have to deal with a boss, a coworker, a spouce, son or daughter, lots of times these dynamic relationship can be almost overwhelming for people. Even family squabbling can bring lots of anxiety. Depression can stem from fights between a husband and wife. Misunderstandings among friends can also bring so much worry.

Knowing what causes anxiety in our lives gives us the ultimate preparation to manage it more properly. If you are having major issues with anxiety on a consistent basis, we strongly suggest you seek out a professional treatment program.

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