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Symptoms Of Panic Attacks

By: Lou Dubbs

There is no shame in seeking some advice from a doctor if you are having a difficult time dealing with the stressors that surround us in everyday life. Health, financial problems, money problems and family issues have been on top of the list of things that we tend to worry about the most. Some people deal with stress in different ways and this can really be a hard time for some. With today's economic hardships it is difficult to stay grounded at times. An anxiety disorder symptom can come out of the blue and have great repercussions for your health.

A sufferer may not be able to fully keep a clear mind and may begin to lose touch with reality when an anxiety disorder symptom hits. The greatest fear a sufferer can endure is a fear of the unknown. The feelings of anxiety are not the same for all; people suffer in unique ways. What one person fears the next person will have a different fear and the symptoms can be multiple at any given time. The physical manifestation can include one or more of the following: muscle tension, aches or soreness, trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, stomach problems, nausea, diarrhea, jumpiness, unsteadiness, edginess, restlessness or becoming easily tired.

With all the symptoms that you can suffer, it is normal that your body as well as your mind becomes worn out. When this happens it can have strong effects on how your mind is going to operate and if you are going to able to think clearly. It is possible that you become more easily irritated or have thoughts of losing control or being rejected. Every anxiety disorder symptom has its own damaging affect on a person and should not be treated any less seriously than the next person's. We are not able to pick and choose when or where they are going to strike us next.

When a person begins to have the fear is unknown. It can happen one second and begin to get out of control the next second. Sometimes, fear is a very difficult thing to keep under wraps. If a person who suffers greatly from anxiety disorders just hears through the grapevine, so to speak, that something bad happened somewhere, the thoughts that they begin to have can be catastrophic. Panic and worry start to invade their minds uncontrollably. The mind will then go through a whole checklist of "what ifs". These thoughts will not stop there; they will keep circling in the mind and you will begin to doubt yourself and think that you really are going insane.

Reaching out to your doctor can be the best thing that you can do for you and your family. It does not mean that you are crazy, it just means that you know that you can no longer handle these damaging feelings on your own. Life is too short to live the same awful day twice, and the feelings that anxiety disorders can leave you with can be very disruptive, causing all of your days to start blending together.

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