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What Are the Main Causes of Diabetes?

By: Clementine Robertson

Research into diabetes is increasing all the time. Despite this no one really is aware of what specifically causes diabetes. This has led to a number of rumours circulating some that are partially true and others that hold no truth at all. In this article I will be discussing what is known concerning the causes of diabetes.

1) GENERAL CAUSES:- We tend to know that diabetes develops as a results of your body's cells not obtaining enough insulin (a hormone that helps convert blood sugar/glucose into energy). This is typically as a result of your pancreas fails to get enough insulin or because your body's cells begin to resist insulin. Although we have a tendency to grasp what leads to the event of diabetes we tend to do not currently understand why this happens in bound people and not others.

2) GESTATIONAL DIABETES (GDM):- Again we have a tendency to don't apprehend the precise causes of GDM although it is strongly linked with hormonal changes that occur during the second and third trimesters of pregnancy. Throughout this point the placenta releases hormones which block the normal action of insulin to make sure that the growing baby gets enough glucose. This causes pregnant ladies's insulin desires to increase by 2 or 3 times the normal rate. Failure to meet this want results in the onset of GDM. Approximately five% of pregnant women develop GDM and though we tend to have a smart idea of what causes it, we don't grasp why it affects certain women and not others. There are a variety of associated risk factors however currently no definitive reason.

3) TYPE one DIABETES:- Type one diabetes is caused by injury to the pancreas as the result of an auto-immune attack where the body's immune system starts to attack the insulin producing beta cells of the pancreas. Once additional, whilst we have a tendency to apprehend what causes kind 1 diabetes we are still unsure what triggers this response. A number of suggestions are put forward (together with viral infections and faulty nerves) but currently none of these suggestions will be applied universally.

4) TYPE a pair of DIABETES AND PRE-DIABETES:- Pre-diabetes is an early form of sort 2 diabetes and also the causes of every are very similar. Kind a pair of diabetes develops when the body stops responding to insulin. The pancreas reacts by producing additional insulin and also the liver responds by releasing further glucose. Over time this limits the effectiveness of the pancreas and additional will increase insulin resistance within the body. Like the opposite sorts of diabetes we do not understand what causes the above reaction. However, there's very strong evidence that kind two diabetes is linked to age, ethnicity, family history, inactivity and obesity.

5) RUMOURS:- Since the precise reason behind diabetes is unknown, there are a selection of false suggestions floating around. These embrace diabetes being contagious (there is a hereditary part but it can not be passed directly from individual to individual), diabetes being caused by sugar (excessive sugar consumption will not cause diabetes but is linked with obesity, a diabetes risk issue) and stress inflicting diabetes (stress can worsen the condition in diabetics but there's currently no proof that it causes diabetes).

Currently, we tend to have a general understanding of what happens within our bodies to cause diabetes. However, the trigger behind these causes remains a mystery. Perhaps the strongest link is that between inactivity, obesity and type two diabetes however even this does not totally make a case for why some obese individuals never develop the disease. As research into the causes of diabetes continues, the most effective recommendation is to try and keep your blood sugar levels among a traditional range. Keeping your weight underneath management, exercising frequently and eating a healthy diet can all play their half in this process.

Every intention has been made to create this article accurate and informative however it's intended for general info only. Diabetes may be a medical condition and this article isn't supposed as a substitute for the recommendation of your doctor or a qualified medical practitioner. If you have any concerns regarding any type of diabetes you should look for the recommendation of your doctor immediately.

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