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Tips for Protecting Your Pancreas

The exocrine part of the pancreas performs the task of excreting enzymes into the intestine that helps in the digestion of food. The endocrine part produces the hormone insulin.

People with diabetes have a poor pancreas that is why they must inject themselves with insulin. Diabetes can be hereditary, or it can be developed through bad eating habits.

When you are eating sugars and preservatives and drinking syrup and caffeine regularly, these chemicals start to poison your body, eventually stunting the pancreases ability to create insulin. Insulin is the hormone used to keep your blood sugar levels even, so you don't die from sugar poisoning to your heart or brain.

When you eat unhealthy sweets, you start to develop diabetes, which controversially, makes you monitor your sugar and insulin consumption regularly. Diabetes is the most ironic disease there is.

Though diabetes is the most common disease associated with the pancreas there are many others. There is acute pancreatitis; this is when the pancreas suddenly becomes inflamed.

Acute pancreatitis can be caused by a number of things; from binge drinking, consumption of drugs or even gallstones. When this happens it causes a burning sensation and the enzymes from the pancreas might actually start eating away at the abdominal wall.

Acute pancreatitis can lead to chronic pancreatitis, so when it is chronic it is reoccurring. This is a much more severe disease and shows that something in your life style is detrimental to the health of your organs.

Healing for the different diseases depends on the cause, but there are many ways to prevent any such diseases from occurring. If you are getting a good source of probiotics from your foods it will help not only your pancreas but also your intestines.

Probiotics help in the digestion of food so it would also help fulfill the exocrine function of the pancreas. They are living bacteria that is actually beneficial to your health and organs.

Eating tomato soup will also be very beneficial to your pancreas. The tomato has loads of anti-oxidants which will help clean the junk out of your system, and it also has lycopene.

Lycopene is a wonderful protein that helps in the good cholesterol, and good cholesterol means good blood, and good blood means good organs and good organs means a good body. Eating soup will also give you liquids which will help as well.

Drinking eight cups of water a day is the recommended amount for the average adult. However, the proper amount can change depending on your size and climate.

Garlic is a wonderful tool to use for health, in many eastern cultures it is actually regarded for its healing properties. It and its cousin the onion have tons of B vitamins and anti-oxidants.

Eating garlic or onions is an easy way to detox. Other foods that are good for your pancreas include: berries, broccoli, spinach and red reishi mushrooms.

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