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Best Ab Exercises for Men

By: Tom Cut

What guy does not want their abs to be visible?! Every single guy has abs even though you can not see them on some guys. The reason why a six pack is not visible is because there is a layer of fat covering the actual abdominal muscles. Do not worry about that because I would like to bring up a few of the best ab exercises for men.

I have found that doing crunches and sit ups will not do a lot for you. Undoubtedly they are thought of as some of the best ab exercises for men and sure they develop your ab muscles, but they don't actually help in getting you a visible six pack. All these exercises ever do is strengthen your abs, not burn the fat off it.

Burning the Belly Fat

Firstly, fat is unused energy. Fat is what we get when we take in more calories than we use up. The only way you are going to burn fat is by using up all that energy. You can do it through special kinds of exercises and through your diet.

The main source of fat build up is through the drinks we drink and food we eat. Also it won't help if we aren't physically active when we are not eating healthy. This is merely common sense and can be analysed by anyone.

So, the workouts I am about to explain to you might not seem to be your normal core exercises. It might not appear to be anybody's version of the best ab exercises for men. However I'll explain later the reason these workouts have been proven successful. And here they are:

Front Squats (barbell with light weights) Renegade Dumbell Rows One Arm Snatches One Arm Swings Hanging Knee Raises Lying Leg Thrusts Reverse Crunches

How to Best do Them

The best way to perform these exercises is if you combine them all into one routine and use them as a circuit training routine. This way you are losing fat and developing your ab muscles.

Before I forget, the reason I advised exercises like front squats and the following 3 is the fact that they not only focus on your abs, they focus on the other muscles necessary for a lean body. So when you do workouts that cause more muscles to work, extra energy will be required hence you are burning more calories.

Start off with one of the first four exercises on the list and perform an exercise from the last three. Do these entire workouts one after the other without resting for one set. You should only rest a maximum of two minutes after each set. Perform three sets.

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