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Shoulder Exercises - The Way to a Pain Free Shoulder

By: Nick Bryant

After damaging my rotator cuff a few months ago I have spent a great deal of my time looking into the subject of shoulder injuries and shoulder exercises on the internet and have discovered that simple exercises can sort out the vast majority of shoulder injuries.

At the end of last year I tore my left rotator cuff. It was a bad tear as they go and I ended up with an impinged tendon. Basically one of the tendons became inflamed after I lifted something heavy and tore one of the muscles in my rotator cuff. As it becane inflamed it was getting impinged or pinched by my collar bone. The pain was bad. Every time that I my shoulder in a particular direction my tendon was getting worn against the bone.

I tried a three month course of Ibuprofen, a steroid injection right into the muscle and cold compresses to reduce the swelling. All of them gave some relief and reduced the symptoms but each time the pain came back and nothing was getting better. In the end I was offered corrective surgery to shave away a small piece of bone to allow the tendon to move freely letting it heal. Being based in England, with the NHS waiting lists, the surgery was scheduled for three months away and as I had already suffered three months of discomfort and pain I was reluctant to wait that long.

So I started finding out about shoulder injuries and shoulder therapy and discovered that physical therapy can do a lot for rotator cuff problems.

The secret is to rest the arm to start off with and work on the inflammation. My mistake had been to try carrying on as normal which could have injured my arm even further. Once I rested it properly for a couple of weeks I was able to start basic exercises designed to strengthen my rotator cuff muscles. It was bizarre because only two weeks before the thought of doing shoulder exercises seemed absurd but it worked. It is important not to experience pain when exercising as any pain shows that you are damaging the muscles further so I started slowly and built up over about six weeks until I found myself with a pain free shoulder that had its full range of movement restored.

Another four weeks on and I have just played my first round of golf. The shoulder exercises have not only sorted out my shoulder injury but they also seem to have improved my golf swing, or is that just wishful thinking?

How did it work? I think that as we get older our posture changes, we don't stand as straight as we did when we were younger, we move differently to when we were younger. What I think is that the shoulder exercises have woken up some lazy muscles and changed my posture for the better, only slightly, but enough to free up the problem muscles. Would I recommend exercise as a therapy for a rotator cuff problem?

100% Yes! Not every shoulder injury will respond to just exercise. Common sense would say that it must depend on how bad the injury is but ten weeks after I was told that surgery was the answer I am pain free and feel great. The surgery is postponed indefinitely at the moment.

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