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Global Problems of Heart Attacks and Heart Failure

Heart diseases rate high on the list of global killers. Analysis of data from various national registries and international health organizations including the WHO has allowed researchers to identify broad trends in both the frequency as well as the causes of heart diseases among a particular region’s mortality rates.

The World Bank identifies seven major regions in the world based on socio-economic factors: the high income group including North America, Western Europe, Australia and Japan; the Latin and South American countries; the Sub Saharan African countries; the Middle East and North African countries; the East European and Central Asian countries; the South Asian countries; and the East Asian and Pacific nations.

The sub Saharan African nations have the lowest rates of heart attack(In French cardiaque symptome) victims since most of the people lack the resources to achieve the kind of sedentary, prosperous lifestyles that are one of the major causes of heart degeneration.

The increasing prosperity of Latin American, South Asian, East Asian and Pacific nations on the other hand have led to key lifestyle changes that have increased the incidence of heart failure in these countries. Heart diseases cause one fourth to one third of deaths with most victims dying in their sixties.

The Middle East and North African countries are even further ahead due to their better economies as reflected in their life expectancy of early seventies. Heart diseases cause more than one third of the deaths.

The East European and Central Asian nations suffer from a heavy burden of heart diseases (In French maladie cardio)due to poor penetration of information regarding lifestyle and risk factors. In fact, the percentage of deaths caused by heart diseases is the highest among all nations – almost sixty percent; there are quite a number of early deaths and the average life expectancy is in the mid sixties.

The efforts made by health authorities in the high income nations of Europe and North America have lead to a favorable modification of lifestyle and bringing down the incidence of heart disease. Most people live till their eighties with only a third of the deaths are caused by heart diseases.

To conclude, we see a distinct link between incidence of heart failure and patients’ socio-economic status across the world. Dissemination of knowledge regarding healthy lifestyle choices seems to be the key to success in beating this fatal predator.

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