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The killer Heart diseases

The term heart disease is a very broad term. Heart problem may arise at various body parts like within the heart muscle, arteries supplying blood to the heart muscle, or the valves within the heart that pump blood in the correct direction. It is very important to understand that all the reasons of the malfunction is different and their symptoms may also differ.

Amongst all heart diseases, Coronary artery disease (CAD) is the most common type of heart disease (In French maladie cardio)and has led maximum number of people to death in the United States of America. Coronary artery disease affects the arteries supplying blood to the heart muscle. These coronary arteries get harden and narrow due to the buildup of a waxy cholesterol, fatty substance referred to as plaque.

According to reports, heart disease kills more than 2,000 Americans everyday. Approximately 60 million Americans have heart disease.

Causes Most of heart diseases (In French insuffisance cardiaque) are caused by high blood pressure which hardens the arteries. High levels of bad cholesterol (LDL) gets deposited in the arteries which results in uncontrolled diet with high levels of saturated fat and trans fat. This leads to arterial blockage.


Leg cramps during walking Chest pain Shortness of breath Headaches Dizziness Palpitations Loss of consciousness

The heart is a basically a four chambered, hollow muscle and double acting pump that is located in the chest between the lungs.

There are 4 heart chambers which are as follows:

The right atrium The left atrium The right ventricle The left ventricle

Following are a few heart disease discussed in brief:

1.Congestive heart failure- This kind of heart failure is caused due to improper pumping of blood. The consequence is that the body does not get adequate blood and oxygen that it needs. The malfunctioning of the heart chambers are due to damage caused by narrowed or blocked arteries leading to the muscle of your heart.

2.Heart Disease affecting heart muscles- In the case of heart diseases affecting heart muscles, the heart muscles become stiff and thus increasing the amount of blood pressure required to expand for blood to flow into the heart.

3.Heart disease affecting heart valves- Heart diseases affecting heart valves occur when the mitral valve in the heart narrows, causing the heart to work harder to pump blood from the left atrium into the ventricle.

4.Heart disease affecting coronary arteries and coronary veins- The malfunctioning of the heart may also be due to other damages like that caused by narrowed or blocked arteries leading to the muscle of your heart as well as blood backing up in the veins.

Apart from these there are other heart diseases which affect heart lining and electrical system.

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