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Following a cardiac-friendly diet can help avoid the risk of a cardiovascular disease

In this age of heightened awareness about ‘health’, many of us look at with some amazement a few things. Alas, cardiovascular disease is still the number one cause of death in the United States. This is especially sad but there is so much you can do for yourself thus help save your body. When paranoia and/or practicality had everyone running into bomb shelters and had children hiding under their desks during WWII, people did it. So why can’t we, in a time of relative war, prosperousness, and good times, do a few little something is that are a lot more likely to help you in the long run than hiding underneath your desk at school ?

Consuming a few heart friendly diets, you can significantly reduce the chances for any cardiac symptom to occur and get that much closer to striking your name from the list. There are four steps you can follow to make yourself to minimize the risk for cardiovascular disease(In French insuffisance cardiaque) and thus you can ensure good health for years to come. Eat less fat Eat less sodium Eat fewer calories Eat more fiber Not complicated; no mixing drinks or attending meetings; you can even slip and have an ice cream cone now and again; but these are really simple suggestions from the grand suggestion-card box in the sky.

Less fat: There are fats, which are more likely to be a player in the heart disease charade. Saturated fat & trans fats; fats which are usually found in foods from animals like milk, cheese, butter, and of course meats. In addition, saturated fats and Trans fats are found in foods with palm and coconut oils.

Less sodium: Not only a boon to high blood pressure, eating less sodium can drastically reduce your risk for heart disease. While sodium is necessary in our diets, most of us ear far too much of it. If you just cut back on the salt you sprinkle on your food, you are doing half the battle; there’s not much you can do about salt added by food companies, but you can cut back on the salt you dip yourself.

Less calories: Calories have always been a problem. As we eat more, we gain weight. Added weight though too many calories and not enough exercise equals heart disease, which is not a healthy heart situation(In French maladie cardio) for anyone.

If you follow the aforesaid dietary schedule, you can ensure to counterattack any cardiac symptom and thus can ensure to maintain good health all through your life.

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