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Different Types of Heart Diseases

When heart stops to pump blood then it results in cardiac arrest. In this problem, due to stopping of pumping action of the heart the blood pressure falls and blood is no longer forced into the muscles and organs of the body. If you feel pain in your chest then immediately run to your doctor. Cardiac arrest or sudden cardiac death is an unpredicted death due to a loss of heart function. All these process happens in very short time and people experience very less symptoms.

Sudden cardiac arrest (In French maladie cardio)is not similar to heart attack. In sudden cardiac arrest if the treatment is not done properly and in time then the patient may even die. So it is necessary to have an emergency medical treatment for this type of patient.

Few years back the people of 40’s were suffering from the problem of heart attack but now this has shifted to the people of age group 30’s. The reason behind this is only one-the life style of the people. The changing life style of the people affects the heart of the people. According to experts also, modern life style has contributed a lot in stimulating the growth of the heart disease especially among the youth. Improper food habits, lack of physical activity, having high level of stress, increase in smoking and alcohol consumption contributes a lot in having heart disease( In French attaque cardiaque). All these factors increase the risk of having heart disease. But all these things have become the part and partial of the youth’s life, so the chances of heart disease among the youth have been increased. Modern life style has not affected only the school and colleges student but it has also affected the working professionals.

Some of the different types of heart diseases are: 1. Coronary Heart Disease: it is one of the most common types of heart disease and usually it occurs when our heart doesn’t receive enough blood. 2. Endocarditis: it is the problem which is directly related to heart valves. It is caused by the infection of bacteria. 3. High blood pressure: it may result into heart failure. Congestive Heart Failure: when our heart is too weak then this may be the result.

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