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Know how to take care of arteries

In a normal human body, blood vessels are that part of the circulatory system of human anatomy , the main function of which is to transport blood throughout the human body. There are three kinds of blood vessels in our body namely arteries which carry blood away from the heart, capillaries which are responsible for the exchange of water and chemicals taking place between tissues and blood and last but not the least veins which help in carrying the blood from capillaries back towards heart. Arteries the therefore have a major function to perform in our body to ensure our survival which means arteries are a very important part of a human body and if arteries are affected by any disease, they can sure pose a great danger for our wellbeing.

The most dangerous thing that can happen to our arteries is atherosclerosis or in common language narrowing of arteries where our arteries hardens and narrows down because of the deposition of fat on the walls of arteries which reduces the flow of blood. Arterial narrowing is fatal to human beings as a reduction in flow of blood can cause heart attack (In French attaque cardiaque), stroke or angina or chest pain when one’s heart muscle does not get enough blood which is rich in oxygen.

The type of arteries which gets maximum affected by atherosclerosis is coronary arteries as they are already narrow and its common for them to get blocked and cause the above mentioned diseases which can even cause heart failure (In French insuffisance cardiaque). If a person is suffering from cardiovascular diseases which have occurred because of the narrowing of arteries, the first and the foremost advice given to the individual after diagnosis is to give up smoking if he or she does it and take up exercises on a regular basis.

Medicines are prescribed by the doctor in such cases only when the disease cannot be cured by simple measures and the medicines given to the patients are often patented and expensive but care should be taken that they do not show any side effect after the consumption of these medicines. Surgeries like angioplasty is done on the patient that helps in expanding narrowed arteries whereas bypass surgery helps in creating additional blood supply connections which go around the arteries which have narrowed down. It is always said that prevention is better than cure so one should take care of his or her body from the very beginning by exercising regularly and maintaining a healthy diet.

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