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Take Care Of Your High Blood Pressure Problem That s A Silent Killer !

There are a lot of people walking around that are not conscious of their blood pressure problem. You can be having a high blood problem without any symptoms. Sometimes, people complains of some headache usually at the back of the upper neck. Most of the time it manifests as carrying that extra excessive weight.

That s one of the most important reason why you should have a regular check up with your family doctor. He will be able to detect if you have any high blood pressure problem. Is is easy to do, but it is often neglected by so many people.

You have heard the saying, An ounce of prevention is more than a pound of cure . So how can you prevent high blood pressure problem? And if you have it, how will you cure it?

We shall address the first question. How should you prevent high blood pressure problem or hypertension? Well sometimes, you can t if it runs as hereditary in your family genes. So the best way is to consult your family doctor and try to control it with proper diet, exercises and medications. Now , if it does not run in your family, you have a lot of ways to prevent hypertension.

Proper eating habits, controlling your weight, taking the necessary minerals, multivitamins, antioxidants, plenty of fruits and vegetables in your diet are good ways to stay healthy in general and prevent hypertension.

As we age through the years,, our arteries harden especially with a lot of cholesterol in our diet. As our arteries harden, then we develop high blood pressure problem. You cannot prevent aging, so you have to know how to control your high blood pressure.

Is there a cure for hypertension? I do not know of a complete cure. You can have it under control with proper diet, exercises, prescription drugs, proper supplements with minerals and multivitamins and proper control of your weight problem.

Yes, you have to be aware of your blood pressure problem. Why? Because the consequences of uncontrolled hypertension is not only disabling but it can be fatal. There are three (3) most common complications of uncontrolled high blood pressure problem:

  1. Stroke or Cerebro vascular accidents. It can affect your brain arteries, so you see people with paralysis of one side of the body., but if the brain damage is massive, this can be fatal.

  2. Heart Attack or Myocardial Infarcion. If the heart damage is massive, this can be fatal. If the damage is moderate or minimal, this can be disabling.

  3. The Third Complication which is not usually noticed by people is Kidney Failure. Uncontrolled hypertension damages the small arteries in our kidneys resulting to kidney failure. That s why you see people being wheeled into Dialysis Centers in cities and they have to be dialyzed every three days or so. Without the dialysis they die, usually because of accumulation of potassium in their blood and other toxic products of metabolism.

So the purpose of this short presentation is to make you aware of your high blood pressure problem, prevent it if you can, control it with proper diet, exercises prescription drugs, control or prevention of overweight problem which usually lead to hypertension, take proper supplements with minerals, multivitamins and antioxidants, because an ounce of prevention is more than a pound of cure.

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Ariston P Awitan, M.D. is a retired orthopedic surgeon.

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