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Migraine news, articles and information:

Tips To Get Migraine Relief
it is estimated that 25% of women, and 8% of men, will get a migraine headache in their lifetime. it therefore stands to reason, that migraine headache relief is foremost for many persons. migraine headaches are a serious problem not only in the united states, where over 29 million people are affected, but throughout the more

Natural Migraine Treatment For Migraine Relief
migraines are due mainly to the dilation or swelling of blood vessels in the head. the effects can be excruciating, and while medication can provide relief, it does not do so for everyone. in addition, the body can be over-medicated if drugs are taken as often as migraines can more

Effective Migraine Remedies
it is generally accepted that migraines are caused by the expansion of the cranial blood vessels. a migraine headache can be very severe and debilitating to those who suffer from it, and children are not exempt. the existence of remedies that can lead to long term reduction in the incidences of migraine, is therefore very more

Migraine Headaches - Causes, Symptoms and Treatment
a 2003 study by the world health organization, estimated that as many as 303 million persons worldwide suffer from migraine headaches. being so widespread, it is possible that you, or someone you know, could be a migraineur, (a person who has a migraine headache) more

Diagnosing And Fighting Migraines
migraines are a headache in a class of their own. they cause incredible amounts of pain and cause you to miss out on big chunks of more

How to Deal with Chronic Headaches
everyone experiences headaches from throughout their life, but chronic headaches can be identified because it last over a lengthy period of time. this can be separated into four sub types; chronic tension-type headaches, chronic migraine, hemicranias continua and new daily persistent more

Migraine Causes and Treatment of Tension Headache
Migraine headaches are repeated or recurrent headaches, possibly caused by changes in the diameter of the blood vessels in the head. Migraine headaches are often classified in two main types migraine with aura (formerly called classic migraine) and migraine without aura (formerly called common migraine). Most people with migraines do not have any warning before it occurs. However, in cases of classic migraine headache, a visual disturbance called an aura happens before the headache more

Treating Your Migraines While Pregnant
if you are pregnant and suffering from debilitating migraines, your treatment options can suddenly become limited. this article suggests different ways to treat your migraines carefully and effectively, so your baby stays safe and more

Migraine and Food Intolerance
many people have heard that cheese, red wine or chocolate trigger migraines. but few are aware that there are over 30 foods identified as potential culprits. read on to find out more

How to Detox your Migraines Away
Could your migraines be cured by a detox diet? Read these convincing arguments that a simple detoxification diet could be one of the best migraine more

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