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How to Deal with Chronic Headaches

Everyone experiences headaches from throughout their life, but chronic headaches can be identified because it last over a lengthy period of time. This can be separated into four sub types; chronic tension-type headaches, chronic migraine, hemicranias continua and new daily persistent headache. The nature of these headaches makes them very discomforting at times but there are various methods that can be used to reduce pain and result in fewer headaches.

Chronic tension type headaches can usually be identified by the fact that it generally causes discomfort to both sides of the brain. This may also result in a slight tightening of the muscles in the neck area and brain, the tightening may be due to stress or poor posture while sleeping or sitting down. vomiting or sensitivity to light and sound. Chronic migraine usually leads to pain in one section of the brain. This discomfort in the head may have a throbbing effect or a great pain in the head. Chronic migraine is also responsible for persons feeling nauseas and develop sensitivity to light and sound.

Hemicrania continua causes pain in one side of the head and the pain never shifts side. This pain can continue throughout the entire day with no breaks as well as it can be extreme with brief instances of severe discomfort. Hemicranias continua can also lead to nasal congestion, runny nose, redness of the eye on the side of the headache or even drooping or swollen eyelids.

There are several causes of chronic headaches such as general stress on the body due to work or emotional stress, drug overdose, being overweight, Problems with resting or illness and infection. Stress is a common cause for headaches, doing work for an extended period of time can put stress on the body and lead to headaches. Stress can lead to depression and anxiety which also resukts in headaches.

Not being able to sleep, reduces the body's daily functioning and its ability to heal which creates tension by not allowing the body to relax. This can help to trigger off headaches. Even though caffeine can increase effeciency in your daily performance, excessive amounts can lead to severe headaches and discomfort. Chronic headaches can also occur as a result of head injuries experienced from an accident,

The best way to reduce chronic headaches is to minimize instances that can trigger off the headaches. Exercising regularly can help to calm the mind and body and reduce the tension in the body which leads to little or no headaches being felt. Not overworking your body to the point of exhaustion, eating on time. You may also visit a doctor to receive more advice and treatments to help with chronic headaches. There are also pre-prescribed medicines used to take care of chronic headaches and decrease the pain felt from it.

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