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Natural Migraine Treatment For Migraine Relief

Migraines are due mainly to the dilation or swelling of blood vessels in the head. The effects can be excruciating, and while medication can provide relief, it does not do so for everyone. In addition, the body can be over-medicated if drugs are taken as often as migraines can occur. As a result, more and more migraine sufferers are looking to natural migraine relief in the form of therapy, herbs, or supplements.

The ancient Chinese technique of acupuncture has been used as a form of natural migraine relief. Acupuncture therapy involves putting very thin needles into the body at various pressure points. It can also be done through the use of heat or pressure on certain areas. It has been found not only to prevent headaches, but also to improve the general health for those persons suffering with migraines.

Biofeedback has also been used to provide migraine relief. This technique is used to reduce stress, and provide information about vital signs such as muscle tension, skin temperature and brain waves. Measurement is done by attaching electrodes, (small metal sensors), to the skin. Migraines triggers changes to the blood flow to the brain. With biofeedback training, persons learn to manage their headaches by interpreting their body signals and giving a natural response. It has been found to reduce both the frequency and duration of migraines.

Various herbs have also been recommended for natural migraine relief. Among these is butterbur and feverfew. Studies conducted using extracts from the shrub butterbur, have indicated that it helps to prevent migraines. There are some side effects related to its use, so the suggested dose is less than one microgram per day.

Feverfew extract is from a plant belonging to the sunflower family. It has been used in Europe for centuries to combat headaches, arthritis and similar pain. Several studies have also been conducted on its effectiveness in the treatment of migraines. These have found that the use of feverfew leads to a decline in migraine frequency. Again, there are some side effects related to its use so it is recommended that you consult a health care practitioner before taking it.

Magnesium has also been used as a natural migraine relief. Research has found that some persons who suffer from migraines have low levels of magnesium. Magnesium is important in stabilizing the walls of the blood vessels, and also in helping you to sleep. It has been found that some of the same things that cause the body to run low on magnesium, also trigger migraine headaches. These include stress and alcohol. Taking magnesium does not pose any safety issues.

The supplement 5-Hydroxytryptophan, or 5-HTP for short, is also used for natural migraine relief. 5-HTP is actually an amino acid produced by the body. It is made from the essential amino acid found in dietary protein. Increasing 5-HTP levels has been found to reduce the frequency and severe pain of migraines.

Natural migraine relief can come in various forms. You can use tension reducing techniques such as acupuncture or biofeedback, or you can opt to use herbs such as feverfew and butterbur, or turn to supplements like 5-HTP. The bottom line is, alternative help is available.

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