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How to Detox your Migraines Away

There is no doubt that migraine headaches are one of the worst types of intense and debilitating headache you can endure. While there are multiple causes and triggers for migraine, many natural health practitioners have discovered that a good detox program can often cure migraines for good.

Practitioners of Traditional Chinese and Naturopathic medicine have always related migraine to poor or "sluggish" liver function. You liver is the main organ of detoxification and can easily become overwhelmed with toxins you are exposed to from the foods you eat, the water that comes from your taps, the very air that you breathe and the substances that you apply to your skin.

Unfortunately life is toxic by nature. Year after year, it never stops. Your liver, kidneys and other filtration systems become backed up with their workloads. They cannot keep up with the excessive demands being placed on them to cleanse your body of toxins. And in time this leads to many health problems including poor blood sugar regulation, hormone imbalance, food and chemical sensitivity and nutrient deficiency the very symptoms that are the major underlying causes of migraine.

Bowel Toxins and Migraine

However good your diet or however pure your environment, you will always be exposed to toxins. Even the normal metabolic processes of your body produces toxins. One of the most common sources of toxins is from an unhealthy bowel. Years of poor food choices, rushed meals, lack of chewing, irregular bowel habits and antibiotic treatment can lead to poor digestion and a toxic colon.

Toxins absorbed from the bowel damage the brain and nervous system and overload the liver. Enzymes in your intestines responsible for breaking down and detoxifying histamine and other amines in foods that can trigger migraine become deficient. There is poor absorption of nutrients such as magnesium, which is so often deficient in migraine sufferers. Would you ever have thought that bowel toxicity could be related to your migraines?

A good detox program will always start with a thorough bowel cleanse. It helps to get rid of yeast, bacterial overgrowth and parasites that contribute to food and chemical sensitivity. Your digestion will work better and absorption of nutrients will improve.

Detox, Food Intolerance and Migraine

A detox diet involves avoiding caffeine, alcohol, food additives and common allergenic foods that can trigger migraine. This, combined with avoiding foods that are hard to digest, frees up energy for the the detox process and regeneration.

A good detox plan uses an abundance of foods that are known to support the liver detoxification system so it can start to get rid of the backlog of toxins. It supplies specially chosen ingredients to balance your blood sugar and stave off hunger. The foods are high in magnesium the very mineral that is often low in the cells of migraine sufferers.

Balance your Hormones to Prevent Migraine

The liver is responsible for breaking down and eliminating old hormones. A toxic liver cannot do this efficiently and the hormones buildup. Many environmental toxins that you absorb are known as estrogen mimics. They behave like your own estrogen and contribute to the hormonal chaos that triggers the misery of menstrual migraines for so many women.

It's hardly surprising that when you improve your bowel and liver function and eliminate toxins your migraines can simply disappear. The lifestyles that we lead are not natural. Industrialization and the prevalence of urbanization have taken us far away from the holistic, plant-based and physically active lifestyles of our pasts.

Stress and Detox Diet

For many sufferers, stress and migraine go hand-in-hand, so it's counter-productive if you choose a detox diet that will increase your stress levels. I always recommend my clients to use a detoxification diet that:

  • Doesn't make you feel as if you're starving yourself
  • Suggests delicious recipes that are easy to prepare
  • Fits in well with family and a busy life-style
In this short article have only been able to give a brief introduction to the benefits of a detox diet to migraine sufferers, but I hope I have shown you that it is of vital importance to learn how to detox your body if you want to cure your migraines.

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