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How The Food Industry Gets You Obese

When I walk through the streets, I see more and more people, who are overweight. Even little kids of maybe five, six or eight years of age have so much overweight that they have difficulties to walk. They cannot romp around like other kids of the same age.

We all know the cause of overweight. It is a completely wrong nutrition. All the many famous diets against overweight have something in common and this is they do not work. If they would, the problem would be for sure smaller.

Just recently, I got into contact with Joel Ullisperger, MS. He is a diet expert who helps people losing weight and improving their health even if they suffer from severe symptoms like multiple sclerosis, hypertension, ADHD, allergies and asthma.

He mentioned several aspects that lead to overweight. One is, as we all know too little physical action. Most of us stand up in the morning only to sit again in a car, on a chair at the workplace, then again in the car and in the evening on the couch.

Another reason is we eat the wrong things like fast food, chips and sweets. Thanks to the food industry, these taste all so good that people it huge quantities of such foodstuff. According to Ullisperger, industry food contains additives that make you crave for more. One of them is saccharine, which has been used in pig fattening already for decades and it appears to be highly effective because otherwise they would not use it.

However, industry food contains also other additives like artificial flavors and others. These can have similar effects and many of them do not even have to be declared as long as the quantities remain below certain values.

As a result, people eat a lot of calorie although they have eaten only little. As they are still hungry, they eat more and their weight climbs week after week.

So I asked myself whether working out would be a solution to get some pounds down. Well, not really. One fact is that we are unable to move enough to get a visible effect. The second reason is that working out in the wrong way has no visible and even less a lasting weight loss effect and most people seem to do it wrong as Joel Ullisperger said.

However, according to him everybody has the chance to get down from his weight without working out. Even better, it is obviously unnecessary.

The only solution we have is to eat different and in a more natural way with less industrial manufactured food. Once we know what to eat, we can eat a lot and still lose weight.

Okay. I am going to have some fruit today for lunch! And you?

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