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Obesity - Causes And Home Remedies

Obesity is a medical condition characterized by excess fat accumulation in body. In case of obesity, the amount of adipose or fat tissues exceeds the normal and gives the person a flabby look. Obesity is measured in terms of body mass index (BMI). The BMI is calculated by dividing the personís weight (in kilograms) with the square of the personís height (in meters). If the BMI is 30 or more, the person is said to be obese. If the BMI is 25, it is considered to be a pre-obesity state. When calorie intake exceeds the rate of calorie burning, the excess, unburned calorie gets deposited in the form of fat, making the person obese.

Obesity is a long term condition interfering with day to day life. Any person, irrespective of age and sex, can become obese. Obesity leads to life-threatening ailments like cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure, liver disease, renal disease, gall bladder disorder, cancer etc. Obesity also causes shortness of breath, osteoarthritis, heartburn, snoring problem and depression. Also an obese person often feels embarrassed because of his or her poor body image. An obese person undergoes rapid, uncontrollable weight gain, sweats a lot and produces much body odor, gets easily fatigued, suffers from breathlessness even on slightest exertion and feels weak. The causes of obesity may be listed as follows:

  1. Hereditary factors
  2. Overeating
  3. Lack of physical activity
  4. Low basal metabolism
  5. Inadequate sleep
  6. Stress
  7. Illnesses like insulin resistance, Cushing's syndrome, thyroid or pituitary gland disorders.
  8. Hormonal imbalance
  9. Psychiatric illness
  10. Side effects of medications like antidepressants, oral contraceptive pills, hypertension medications, diabetes medications etc.

Home Remedies

  1. Mix the juice of half a lime and 1 teaspoon honey in to a glass of warm water and drink the solution in bare stomach early in the morning. This will help you to lose the extra pounds.

  2. Pour 3 teaspoon lime juice in a cup of water. Add some honey and half teaspoon pepper powder to the solution. Stir and drink 2 times daily. This is a beneficial anti-obesity treatment.

  3. Consume 1-2 ripe tomatoes in breakfast instead of other food items. This will treat obesity effectively.

  4. Immerse 4-5 leaves of Indian plum in water and keep overnight. In the morning strain the solution and drink the liquid in empty stomach to get rid of excess fat.

  5. Consume plentiful cabbage salad. This is an effective home remedy for obesity.

  6. Drinking green tea is a solution to obesity problem.

  7. Soak 1-2 tablespoons of horse gram in water overnight. In the morning, drink the concoction in empty stomach after filtering. This helps to deal effectively with obesity problem.

  8. Extract fresh juice of carrot, add some water and churn the mixture in a blender. Strain and drink the juice to get relief from obesity problem.

  9. Mix some honey with ginger paste and take it with half teaspoon of natural chebulic myroblan extracts. This is a useful obesity remedy.

  10. Consume 10-12 curry leaves in the morning. This yields good results in treating obesity.

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