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Sleep Deprivation, the Not so Silent Killer

Whether you like it or not most of your life is going to be spent sleeping; that is a fact. On average the general human-being will sleep for a total one third of their entire life.

You might think this is a waste of time; maybe you could be doing more productive things than sleeping, but you are false. Sleeping plays an essential role in our lives and is greatly beneficial to our bodies.

25 percent of the general populous suffer from some kind of sleep disorder, which equates to around one in every four people. So statistically, it is likely that someone in your family may be suffering from sleep deprivation.

A good amount of rest at night will help prevent heart disease, high blood pressure and even diabetes. However, that is not all; it strengthens and rejuvenates the mind as well.

If you are waking up feeling just as tired as you were when you fell asleep, this is a sign you are not getting proper rest. The reasons we start to feel tired, foggy or in a haze, are because sleep is the key to recharging your brain.

Neurons are the power lines that connect throughout the brain; they transmit information and interpret sensation. Sleeping gives the brain a chance to put them to rest and repair them so they are strong and ready to run again when you wake up.

When we sleep the brain has a chance to revamp the neurons so that they are ready to run when we awake. Consequently, if there is not a healthy amount of sleep or proper kind of sleep, then our brains are not getting the proper form of repose.

There are many different types of sleep disorders, and chances are you have a 25 percent likelihood of having one. There are many things you can do to help get your sleep under control.

First off make sure you are getting a healthy amount of exercise; being tired at night is a wonderful motivator to hit the sack. Second make sure you are flexing your brain; exercising your brain will have similar affects as exercising your body, not to mention it's good for your intellect.

Wake up earlier; sleeping in will make it harder for you to fall asleep at the desired time. So if you force yourself up in the morning then it will be easier for you to sleep at night.

Do not eat for three hours before bed time. Eating will get your body's metabolism running, which takes a lot of energy, and can make you restless or even prevent you from sleeping at all.

A good snack at night is a cup of warm milk with honey. The warm milk and honey will sooth your body and fill your stomach (without having too much to metabolize).

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