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Exercising Your Way to Reduced Stress

Feelings of anxiety and being overwhelmed can damage your health and actually make you gain weight. The major way to prevent this is to get a healthy amount of physical activity.

Having an immense amount of stress in your life can be damaging to your mental and emotional health. It can alter your sleep cycle, make you feel more irritable, make you tired, and give you a negative outlook on your surroundings.

This mental anguish also has a large effect on the health of the rest of your body. When the body becomes emotionally stressed, it creates more of the hormone cortisol.

Having an extended amount of high levels of this substance in your bloodstream over time can weaken your cardiovascular system, which has a direct effect on the other systems of the body.

Cortisol has also been known to increase fat, especially around the midsection. Therefore, being stressed not only affects your emotions, but also can have a direct effect on your weight, appearance, and fitness.

If you have been feeling overwhelmed or anxious, there is a possibility that you could gain weight. Most people would like to avoid the occurrence of this, and there are many things that can be done to stop it.

One of the first things you must do is to recognize the stress levels in your life. Take a moment to reflect on your moods; have you been grumpy, tired, or unenthusiastic?

When you are able to identify your feelings, then you must recognize the origin of the anxiety. It can be a number of things, from children, to your job, to other responsibilities and duties.

Try to think of ways that you can eliminate the stressor. If you have been having trouble with unruly children or are becoming overwhelmed with parenthood, hire a babysitter at least one night a week or ask help from a family member.

The more time you take for yourself to relax, the better you will be at disciplining and spending quality time with your kids. If stresses at work are what seem to be plaguing you, make a list of priorities and find the things that must be done first.

Then, make your way down the list at an easy pace; do not overdo yourself. Because exercise is such a great way to relax and unwind, you may want to make some form of it available in your office or place of work.

If you have your own space or large office, try purchasing workout equipment, like a treadmill, and placing it in the room. When you start to feel like you have too many things to handle or you may be getting too frustrated, take fifteen minutes to walk or run on the treadmill.

This will give you an outlet to relieve your anxieties and will also benefit your cardiovascular system. You could also place weights or a hanging weight bag in your office for strength training.

Exercise is a great way overall to remain mentally and emotionally healthy. Cardiovascular exercise increases the strength of your heart and vessels.

It reduces the amount of fat present in the body and increases heart rate. It also makes you sweat and gives you an outlet to release your energy.

Running is definitely a great way to let go of your thoughts and hit the road. Whether you choose to listen to music or let the outside noises calm you, you can clear your mind of any negativity.

Both bicycling and swimming are other fantastic options for cardiovascular exercise and stress reduction. Not only will they assist you in losing weight, but also you will become healthier mentally.

One method of exercise that is well known to relieve anxiety is yoga. It focuses greatly on breathing techniques and calming and relaxing the mind and thoughts.

If this type of workout interests you, you can find classes at your local gym, recreational center, or yoga studio. There are usually classes available for any level of difficulty.

When you do feel out of control or worn down, you may be tempted to supplement these feelings with a poor diet. Fatty comfort foods may give you some temporary relief, but they will only make you gain weight and be an ephemeral option to stress management.

Be sure to refrain from eating too fatty or too sugary foods; they will affect the hormone levels in your body and make you gain weight. Becoming stress free is no easy task, but it can be done through relaxation and working out your pent up energy.

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